Minutes in My Mind

A New Man in Town 

We have historically used an outsourced stud for our breeding program.  We only have 3 females at any given time and just felt that it was still feasible to use a stud from another breeder... Well that was until I fell in LOVE with a certain Texan :) Fingers crossed that all goes well and he can become the man of the house soon!  Don't want to jinx anything so I'm going to keep the details pretty close for now :)

I might be crazy! 

Here at Strait Layne we usually have 2 or 3 litters per year and that in itself is a lot of work BUT it seems all 3 girls have started their heat cycles within a week of each other!  I am trying to get a quality female to keep for myself which will help me insure the quality of our breeding program in the future so we have decided to breed all 3 girls this time.  One litter requires a lot of time and effort on the part of the breeder but 3 at the same time???... I might need my head examined :)  I keep reminding myself that I love this breed!

Good gracious it's been a while! 

Well I'm going to blame my absence in blogging on the push on social media.  It seems like Facebook has taken over the Biewer world too!  I promise to do better :)  Well the new female in town is coming into heat and we are excited about what she will produce for us.  We got her as an adult and the pictures of the litter she had got us excited about adding her to our breeding program! We will have 2 litters in 2015. Both coming in late July early August.  I will keep the site update and not rely on Facebook to keep everyone informed.  In the mean time, please keep me in your prayers... My son (the baby of the family) will graduate in about a week and then my daughter's wedding is June 27th!  I'm an emotional wreck (in a good sort of way)!  Until next time :)

January 31, 2014 

Reflections...  I was just thinking how many really wonderful people I have met through this sweet little breed we call Biewers. Some have bought puppies from me, I've bought puppies from them, and some are just friends that have a common interest.  For example... Danny and I met Diana and John in Buckhead, GA last weekend (I think we meet there so that we can actually see how the other half of society lives LOL) to take Summer and Autumn to them. It is somewhere around 1/2 way between our houses.  I was hoping to see Hoku again as we love that boy but they decided to bond with the girls on the trip and let the chaos begin once they got home.  We even stopped in to visit with them on our way to St Augustine last summer.  I encourage new families to visit us and our home when it is feasible so they can get a glimpse of what their new babies life like so far :) I also keep in touch with families that have Strait Layne babies through email and Facebook.  What a neat tool we have that lets us take a peek ever so often of the sweet puppies we have placed with the hopes that they will live happily ever after with their new people! I have a small circle of Biewer confidants that are near and dear to me but I have so enjoyed meeting so many different people with so many different stories to share!
I am about to pop waiting to share my news... There is a new gal in town!  Her name is Prada and I am grateful to Deb Billings of Windsong Biewers for allowing Prada to be added to the Strait Layne breeding program.  We have 2 females now... Millie and Prada.  Our favorite stud is "Aubie" Hearts and Harps of Windsong who is owned by Dr. Maben and Mrs. Julie Thompson of Crossville, TN.  Looking forward to some exciting things for us in the future!

Hey Jude! 

Jude has stolen my heart!  Due to unforeseen circumstances he has ended up staying with us a little longer than usual and I just love him.  His face reminds me so much of his sire Ez.  He eyes are almost mezmerizing. It has been and will be quiet a feat to get him to his new home but I am so excited for the Dutton Family and thankful that they decided to love a Strait Layne Puppy!

Quiet Day at Home 

Wow it has been a long time since I've "blogged".  I am not very good at this task... maybe it is because I'm so random in my thoughts and I just can't compose enough information that flows together to get a blog going :) With everyone gone from home but me today I thought I'd sit down and watch a little football! For those of you that know me, you can atest that behind God and my family (including my sweet doggies) FOOTBALL ranks pretty high on my list of enjoyables :) Well today I'm not finding it so enjoyable... Locker is out, Hasselbeck is struggling and the Titans as a team seem so disconnected.  Excuse my while I pout :(

On The Receiving End :):) 

I have always cherished that first moment when a new family meets their puppy for the first time... I am usually on the giving end of that situation but I still just get silly at that first meeting.  Well on our way back from vacation this year I decided to stop in and meet a puppy I had watch grow in pictures and really really liked from the first time I saw her...  All six of us got out of the Suburban to take a peek at this little girl!  That was all it took!... meeting her and seeing what a nice representation of the Biewer breed she was and............. WE BROUGHT HER HOME WITH US!!!!  I just love her to pieces.  I will post pics of her soon!  We call her Millie :):) 

She's a jewel... 

I got a phone call last night from a heartbroken Biewer Mommy in tears.  She made a great first impression when I met her and I knew right away that she had nothing but that little guys best interest at heart.  Due to her work schedule and things beyond her control she has come to the realization that her being away so much just isn't fair to him.  This could be a sad story to tell but instead it brings a smile to my face... She loves him so much that she is allowing him to bless another family of dog lovers that will be able to spend more time with him and already loves him to pieces.  Most of the time what is best in a situation takes us down a road we never even knew we'd travel.  Kelly...he is incredibly lucky that you came into his life and will continue to be loved and cared for by his new family! BIG HUGS my friend... you have precious heart!... The next time you are in Nashville give me a call and Mercedes and I will join you for another Wrangler sightseeing adventures :):)

!Construction Zone - Hard Hat Needed! 

So we broke down and build a doggie suite in our home:)  My husband has wanted to do this for over a year before one of us (kids included) broke our neck trying get over the baby gate between our family room and the kitchen!  So we decided to divide our family room in half (it was HUGE) and use one end of it for the Biewers to have their own room to play in when we weren't watching them and to sleep in.  Gasp... I know it is terrible but my other half refuses to have them in the bed with us.  On any of the rest of the furniture he doesn't care one bit but not in the bed :(...   So now we have our regular living room, a family room, and our Biewer suite/Sewing room!  Still trying to get it decorated appropriately but I'm working on it!!  Spring is upon us and we are so excited!  Love the warm weather in the south!  Puppies should be here late May!

The New Year 

Well I have to say I have met the nicest people while trying to find new homes for our D and E litters!   I hope we've made friendships that will endure... Amy, Nelda, Kathy, Kelly, Cindy, and Diana thank you for your interest in Biewers and thank you most of all for choosing to love a Strait Layne Puppy!  You could have choosen any other breeder and you trusted me enough to get your new baby from us!  Thank you again!