!Construction Zone - Hard Hat Needed!

So we broke down and build a doggie suite in our home:)  My husband has wanted to do this for over a year before one of us (kids included) broke our neck trying get over the baby gate between our family room and the kitchen!  So we decided to divide our family room in half (it was HUGE) and use one end of it for the Biewers to have their own room to play in when we weren't watching them and to sleep in.  Gasp... I know it is terrible but my other half refuses to have them in the bed with us.  On any of the rest of the furniture he doesn't care one bit but not in the bed :(...   So now we have our regular living room, a family room, and our Biewer suite/Sewing room!  Still trying to get it decorated appropriately but I'm working on it!!  Spring is upon us and we are so excited!  Love the warm weather in the south!  Puppies should be here late May!