January 31, 2014

Reflections...  I was just thinking how many really wonderful people I have met through this sweet little breed we call Biewers. Some have bought puppies from me, I've bought puppies from them, and some are just friends that have a common interest.  For example... Danny and I met Diana and John in Buckhead, GA last weekend (I think we meet there so that we can actually see how the other half of society lives LOL) to take Summer and Autumn to them. It is somewhere around 1/2 way between our houses.  I was hoping to see Hoku again as we love that boy but they decided to bond with the girls on the trip and let the chaos begin once they got home.  We even stopped in to visit with them on our way to St Augustine last summer.  I encourage new families to visit us and our home when it is feasible so they can get a glimpse of what their new babies life like so far :) I also keep in touch with families that have Strait Layne babies through email and Facebook.  What a neat tool we have that lets us take a peek ever so often of the sweet puppies we have placed with the hopes that they will live happily ever after with their new people! I have a small circle of Biewer confidants that are near and dear to me but I have so enjoyed meeting so many different people with so many different stories to share!
I am about to pop waiting to share my news... There is a new gal in town!  Her name is Prada and I am grateful to Deb Billings of Windsong Biewers for allowing Prada to be added to the Strait Layne breeding program.  We have 2 females now... Millie and Prada.  Our favorite stud is "Aubie" Hearts and Harps of Windsong who is owned by Dr. Maben and Mrs. Julie Thompson of Crossville, TN.  Looking forward to some exciting things for us in the future!