Good gracious it's been a while!

Well I'm going to blame my absence in blogging on the push on social media.  It seems like Facebook has taken over the Biewer world too!  I promise to do better :)  Well the new female in town is coming into heat and we are excited about what she will produce for us.  We got her as an adult and the pictures of the litter she had got us excited about adding her to our breeding program! We will have 2 litters in 2015. Both coming in late July early August.  I will keep the site update and not rely on Facebook to keep everyone informed.  In the mean time, please keep me in your prayers... My son (the baby of the family) will graduate in about a week and then my daughter's wedding is June 27th!  I'm an emotional wreck (in a good sort of way)!  Until next time :)