Bieweroo 2011

I don't know about the rest of the world but Tennessee is in the Music Spirit this weekend!  CMA Fest is going on in Nashville, TN and Bonaroo is going on in Manchester, TN!... Two different worlds!  For those of you who don't know what Bonaroo is... look it up!  It's like a modern day Woodstock!  Anyway we are having BIEWEROO at Strait Layne this afternoon.  Unlike Bonaroo no one will get arrested and no one will be wondering around looking for their tent!  Wish us luck!  Pics to follow soon!

Cali will be headed to her new mommy and daddy soon.  Thank you Annette and Scott for letting us become a small part of your lives! 

Caroline's new mommy and daddy are driving a LONG way to pick her up soon and take her home to her big sister Lexi!

I know it is not always possible but I love it when I get to actually meet the new families in person!!

Until my mind churns again... Have a great Friday!