It's Been A While

The last month we've been pretty preoccupied with Cavalier Football!   That's a good thing though because our "favorite freshmen" is doing great and loving every minute on the field.  Josie, Lacie, EZ, and Banjo are all doing well.  I have to say that Banjo is just awesome!  We are soooooooo please with how he is maturing.  He had a couple retained puppy teeth pulled last week and as usual Upper Cumberland Vet Clinic took great care of him!  We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for the upcoming litters.  It is still a little early to determine 100% that they are indeed expecting but we are putting our eggs in the "Positive Thinking" basket :)  EZ is a man of few words (and we're glad) but he seems to love his new home and we couldn't be happier with him!  I promise to do better with the frequency of the blog :)

Oh I almost logged out without mentioning this past weekend and the beautiful wedding we attended in Southwest Virginia at the Karlan Mansion!  Kendra and John... my you live happily ever after :)