Well after bathing the girlies tonight I noticed both are showing the first signs of their heat cycle.  Keeping our fingers crossed for a successful breeding for both girls.  As of now EZ will be the sire of both litters.  I will keep everyone updated on the site about how things are going :)  If both litters are successful it will be our D and E litters.  We should start thinking now of names.  Of course my daughter has no trouble at all coming up with names!
It seems like it has turned cooler over night which is a good thing because 100+ degree days are not too fun even if you stay in the pool all day!  And we all know what comes with cooler weather... THE BOYS OF FALL!  We all love football around here... Watched the Titans first preseason game Saturday night and was THRILLED at their performance!   Locker and Hasselbeck both looked great!  Can't wait for the season to start~