A Really Good Feeling...

I had the nicest visit with 2 young ladies tonight.  They were sisters and came to spend time with the puppies to see if one of the remaining four would steal their heart.  They had done their homework and really knew what questions to ask and had educated themselves about Biewers in general.  That is so refreshing to me!  They hadn't just rushed to buy the first puppies they found that looked cute in a picture... not real spontaneous... they were able to make an informed decision!  They chose Ellie!  I love it when I am confident in a family's ability to care for and love a puppy! 

Lucy has found her new mommy too and I am so excited for them to actually meet in person!  She is such a little spitfire and is so much fun!  A precious little girly!

Mia has also found her new mommy!  She will be going to an established breeder whom I have all the confidence in the world in... and she'll be shown to her fullest potential I know!

Thank you ladies for allowing Strait Layne Biewers to be a part of what makes you smile!