Cali Girl:)... What a weekend!

Okay let me just say if first impressions are everything then Cali's new mommy has that down pat!  Annette was a doll!  She is just the sweetest lady I think I've ever met!  Honestly!  She had the biggest smile on her face when she saw Cali and Cali warmed right up to her which made me happy.  Cali will be spoiled rotten and loved more than I could have ever dreamed.  Thank you all for choosing Cali!   

After we left the airport we drove north and picked up Mr. EZ... I've added a couple of pics to our site that Cindy had of him and shared with me before I brought him to Strait Layne. I haven't gotten to take any myself but it is on my To Do List.  He is an awesome boy.  He is so well mannered and has the most beautiful face I think I've ever seen on a Biewer.  Thank you again Cindy for allowing us to bring him to the south!  Cindy @ Signature Biewers is such a sweet gal!  She was nothing but nice to us and so welcoming even when we called and needed to come Saturday night instead of Sunday morning.  Her Biewers were just beautiful and so well behaved!