Well as I suppose everyone can tell Josie had her puppies too!  They are beautiful with dark saddles and lots of color on their faces.  There were born in the wee hours of the next morning after Lacie's were born in the wee morning hours... If that makes any sense at all.  I've had lots of calls about the puppies and one has found her new home I'm almost positive.  Update soon I promise!

They are all coming into their individual personalities and that is my favorite part!  My least favorite part is the potty patrol.  But they aren't to messy!  Banjo received his 3 orange cards at the IABCA show in Missouri on the 18th-19th so he is now a National Champion.  Well he is as soon as I get all the paperwork/fees submitted and receive his title in the mail.  I love that little fella so!

Anyway, LOTS going on at Strait Layne... not only with Biewers but with the Holidays TOO :)!

Until next time...!