Well July is over and it seems like it went in the blink of any eye!  So excited about this coming weekend... If all goes well, I will FINALLY get to meet a very dear friend of mine IN PERSON!  I know that sounds crazy but I have grown so close to this wonderful lady! It seems like we've been friends forever and if I just didn't know better I'd think we went to lunch every week.  Instead we've just communicated via the computer and telephone for the last several years and gotten to know each other via technology :)  The Biewers are all doing great.  Lacie's coat in almost grown out again thank goodness (I cannot believe I cut her down to begin with...). Banjo is coming into himself and is going to be a beautiful male!  Love love love him!  Josie is just Josie!  She the Queen of the house and is at all shy in letting you know it.  She will come into heat soon so we are looking forward to puppies in the fall. EZ is... well just easy!  He is so sweet and has just fit in so well in our home.  My husband and children weren't so sure that a "stud" dog should have to wear a Sesame Street diaper around the house but it honestly makes life so much easier for us and keeps him out of trouble!   

Beautiful day today in Tennessee... and I'm off to work :(   

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