A Few Nice Compliments

Getting my little Rosie from Angie at Strait Layne Biewers was a dream come true! Angie was very good at communication by sharing emails, messages, photos and videos of my baby girl. I contacted Angie in March 2015 and kept in constant contact until I picked up Rosie in October! Communication is still kept up through Facebook even now! Rosie is a perfectly happy little girl with no health issues what so ever. Her colors are beautiful and I always refer people back to Strait Layne Biewers. Never have I had a more amazing experience. There are no words to describe how happy my little girl has made me and it is all thanks to Angie at Strait Layne Biewers

Sillee has been an absolute joy since the day we got her. She is a quick learner, loves to play and loves to snuggle. Sillee has also lived up to her name - she is always making us laugh and just being silly. She is a great addition to our family and if another Biewer is in our future, we hope to make another trip to Strait Layne Biewers!
~ Cathy and Kathy


My husband and I found our baby Aubie at Strait Layne Biewers. We had looked long and hard on the internet for our baby but was so afraid of getting one like that. We called many breeders and was impressed that Angie didn't try to sell us a dog but told us how to find a good quality breeder, questions to ask and what to look for. She didn't have puppies at that time but kept us posted on future births. I am not a patient person but knew I wanted a good quality dog and was willing to wait for one. We were allowed to go to her house pick our puppy and even visited another time before we picked him up. They raise their dogs in their home not in a kennel which I liked, the house was clean with special spots prepared for puppies with puppy fences that mother could jump in and out. The dogs are well maintained with long hair, friendly and get along with each other. We knew we had made the right choice in picking them for our breeder, the only problem was picking out our puppy, they were all beautiful and precious. We have had our precious boy three weeks and we adore him, he has beautiful hair and coloring, friendly, very smart and healthy! I know that we will have this little boy a long time and would recommend getting a dog from this breeder anytime. I feel Sam and I not only found a good breeder but have made new friends with her and her husband. ~ Claudette


Angie Vaughn cares. That is one of the reasons I can so highly recommend her as a breeder. After carefully researching breeders I decided that this was the breeder that I could trust. And I was so right . My seven month old pup , Chloe , is the perfect picture of health and is really absolutely adorable . I have found her to be a playful, loving dog and small enough to go where I go . She delights in seeking small treasures , such as small snails and twigs and bringing them to me on our many walks . She is full of energy and spirit and is bringing us much joy . So if one is looking for a responsible , honest breeder you need to get to Angie . She answers all questions with honesty and is willing to spend the time doing so . I am delighted to have found Strait Layne and hope others do so as well . The bottom line is this . Chloe is a love . So is Angie . - Leslie P


We are the proud owners of a four year old Biewer, Sammy that our family has thoroughly enjoyed. He was the second dog in our home at the time, much to the dismay of our 13 year old Cocker Spaniel, Zaidie. My three daughters absolutely fell in love with him immediately. With the passing of Zaidie a few years ago, our house seemed empty and we longed for another companion to enjoy. We rescued a short haired pointer but we loved the Biewer breed so much we wanted another. We have been looking a couple of years now to fill that void with little luck. I have contacted multiple breeders with no success, so we stopped looking for a time as it seemed hopeless to find another Biewer.

On a whim, we decided to start looking again just to see if we could find anything. I contacted a couple of breeders and again no luck. We searched breeders near our home and Strait Layne Biewers came up. We contacted them through messenger and within a few minutes we had a response. We asked questions back and forth for almost an hour. She was as interested in how I would treat the dogs as I was in how they were raised. It was amazing to find a breeder who is so interested in the care of her dogs after the sale! We found that we lived a few of hours away and arranged a visit to see the dogs and meet Angela. I had to go out of town on a business trip but my wife and children were going to make the 5 hour round trip to see the dog a few weeks prior to the purchase. On the drive down, my car broke down and my wife was able to limp it into town and get a hotel. It was Friday night and we knew no one. My wife called Angela and told her we would not be able to make it due to our car problems. Angela and her husband Danny decided that since we couldn’t make it, they would bring the dog to us at the hotel. We were able to finally meet our Maggie! Not only did they bring the dog, but also called a friend of theirs, got us an appointment to get our car fixed, and came and picked up my wife a 6:30 in the morning to drive her to the shop. All of this on a Saturday morning!

We kept in touch over the next few weeks to get updates on Maggie’s health, along with pictures and videos then settled on a date to pick her up. It was so easy to get in contact with Angela and she was truly amazing to work with! Maggie had no problems with our post sale follow up and our Vet said how nice it was that she came to us with all of her blood work completed (most breeders don’t do this). Since the sale, we still keep in contact and sent pictures to her on a regular basis. Maggie has been a great addition to our family! She was just over 10 weeks old when we got her and adjusted extremely well to our home. She is doing great with potty training and plays very well with our other dogs.

I am so happy that we found Strait Layne Biewers. I have found them to be honest and caring people who are extremely interested in taking care of their animals before and after the sale as well as this wonderful breed. Maggie has been an excellent dog for my family and I am happy to recommend them as breeders. I will be forever grateful for the help they provided to my stranded family and I am proud to call them our friends. - Mark and Sheri